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We constantly update our list to give you the latest and coolest Mountaineering Equipment and Gear. This is our current list of Brand New and Top Selling Climbing Helmets:

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Petzl Elios - Mens   Petzl Elios - Mens Helmets
Blending the best of durability and weight, the Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet is excellent for multipurpose mountain endeavors. The polycarbonate shell and impact-absorbing closed cell foam liner is lon ...
  $65.00  REI

Petzl Meteor III - Mens   Petzl Meteor III - Mens Helmets
The Petzl Meteor III Climbing Helmet's ultralight design suits sport and trad climbers who don't want to get on the rock with a heavy brain bucket on their heads. Thanks to a well-vented, in-molded de ...
  $99.95  REI

Petzl Elia - Womens   Petzl Elia - Womens Helmets
The Women's Elia Climbing Helmet by Petzl. The ELIA helmet was designed and developed to respond specifically to the needs of women. The innovative OMEGA headband system (Petzl patent) allows the helm ...
  $65.95  REI

Black Diamond Half Dome - Mens   Black Diamond Half Dome - Mens Helmets
Keep your noggin from getting rocked at the crag when you don the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet. Redesigned to maintain safety and boost efficiency, the Half Dome shaves 40 grams off the original des ...
$59.95  $53.96
  $59.95  Moosejaw
  $59.95  REI

Camp USA Pulse   Camp USA Pulse Helmets
CAMP created the Pulse Ski and Climbing Helmet for serious ski trips that involve technical pitches on the ascent followed by steep, must-not-fall runs. Rated as both a ski and a climbing helmet, the ...
  $119.95  Moosejaw

Black Diamond Vector - Mens   Black Diamond Vector - Mens Helmets
Your head is your most valuable climbing asset, which makes a good helmet key. The Black Diamond Vector Helmet keeps all your marbles where they belong: in your noggin and focused on climbing. A vente ...
  $99.95  REI

Mammut Skywalker 2 - Mens   Mammut Skywalker 2 - Mens Helmets
Description of Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing HelmetWell-ventilated climber's helmet with ergonomic fit made from extremely durable plastic hard shell. The thumb wheel enables quick, single-handed adjust ...

Petzl Picchu - Kids   Petzl Picchu - Kids Helmets
* Helmet is specifically sized for children between 3 and 8 years with a head circumference of 48 - 54cm (18.9 - 21.3 in.) * Expanded polystyrene liner absorbs impacts; injection molded ABS pla ...

Black Diamond Vector - Womens   Black Diamond Vector - Womens Helmets
The most valuable piece of climbing gear you have is between your ears. Protect yourself with the Black Diamond Women's Vector Helmet. This intuitive design features a vented polycarbonate shell that ...
$99.95  $69.97
  $99.95  REI

Grivel Salamander   Grivel Salamander Helmets
Like an amphibious creature moves between land and water, the Grivel Salamander Helmet seamlessly transitions from rock to ice and alpine realms. With shock absorbing foam and a vented design, the Sal ...

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 # Shop Items: 21            Page: 1/3           

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