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Intrepid Travel Offers New Nepal Adventure

Submitted By: katrina principe

BOULDER, Colo. - As a result of the increasing demand for Nepal adventure travel, Intrepid Travel announces a new technical climbing trek up Mera Peak.

Nepal's highest trekking peak, Mera Peak, offers all that makes Nepal a classic adventure travel destination. Warm up with steady ascents over 10 days, trekking across Nepal's famous mountain scenery. Follow Dig Glacier with stunning views of the north face of Mera to Khare, where there is time to become familiarized with the trekking kit and get in some climbing practice.

Nepal adventure travelers will trek to 6,476m and take in some of the most spectacular views as they follow glaciers, frosted rivers, and rocky valleys. Along the way, Intrepid Travel will teach travelers the art of walking in crampons and using an ice pick. These new skills will prove of good use as travelers work to ascend the summit of Mera Peak.

Adventure travelers on the new Mera Peak Nepal adventure will:
  • learn to use technical climbing gear
  • follow magnificent glaciers
  • camp among mountains and valleys
  • climb to the summit of Mera Peak
  • explore the sights of vibrant Kathmandu
  • experience Nepal's spectacular wilderness
Although this trek is challenging, it does not require special mountaineering skills - travelers just need to be reasonably fit, have a sense of adventure, and be ready for an awe-inspiring climb.

The Mera Peak adventure trek lasts for 21 days and costs $3070 (plus local payment of $300). To learn more about this exciting new Nepal adventure trek, visit:

Intrepid Travel is running a 10% off discount promotion on all new Nepal and India adventure tours through June 30, 2008. For more information on this promotion, visit:

With over 19 years of experience, Intrepid Travel is one of the world's leading small group adventure tour operators. Intrepid offers over 400 itineraries in more than 90 destinations worldwide. Intrepid trips are designed to go off the beaten track, meet the locals, and travel in an unconventional way, joining locals on their transport, in their markets, and even in their homes.

For more information, contact Alexia Nestora at Lasso Communications, 303-898-3376, /PRNewswire/

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