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Mountaineering News May 2008

Our Mountaineering News Desk stays up-to-date with all the mountain climbing events and news items from around the globe. This is the news archive of May 2008. Get your daily mountaineering news updates right here. You can use the Display Mode changer below to view our news in different formats:

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Intrepid Travel Offers New Nepal Adventure
  Intrepid Travel Offers New Nepal Adventure BOULDER, Colo. - As a result of the increasing demand for Nepal adventure travel, Intrepid Travel announces a new technical climbing trek up Mera Peak. Nepal's highest trekking peak, Mera Peak, offers all that makes Nepal a classic adventure travel destination. Warm up with steady ascents over 10 days, trekking across Nepal's famous mountain scenery. Follow Dig Glacier with stunning views of
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Elderly Climbers Reach the Summit of Mount Everest
  Elderly Climbers Reach the Summit of Mount Everest Another group of climbers had successfully summited Mt. Everest, but unlike in most expeditions, the members of this one are more than 70 years old. Min Bahadur Sherchan, 76 from Nepal, and Yuichiro Miura, 75 from Japan, have set a new age record on their recent climb to Mt. Everest. Sherchan reached the top on May 25, while Miura arrived at the peak the following day. Miura had previou
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TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2008
Two Japanese Climbers on McKinley Still Missing
  Two Japanese Climbers on McKinley Still Missing Two Japanese climbers who failed to return home from their climb are still missing, while the rescuers from Mt. McKinley continue to search the mountain for any clues of their whereabouts. Denali National Park and Preserve spokeswoman Maureen McLaughlin refused to name the missing climbers but said both are in their mid-20s, experienced climbers, and that one of them even spent time in the
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5Point Film Festival Announces Film Award Winners
  5Point Film Festival Announces Film Award Winners Carbondale, Colorado - After a spectacular weekend of film screenings at the 5Point Film Festival, the film jury announced the results of the film awards: Best Action Film – King Lines by Peter Mortimer & Josh Lowell Best Inspiring Adventure – Ain’t Got No Friends on a Powder Day by Nicolas Falquet & Loris Falquet Best Cinematography – Seasons by The Collective Best of Festival – Pa
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Ice Sculpting at NZ Mountain Film Festival
  Ice Sculpting at NZ Mountain Film Festival Organizers of the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival are calling for sculptors to sharpen their tools and unleash their creative flair for the inaugural Wanaka Ice Art Championships this July. Individuals or teams of up to four will be given blocks of ice to transform into winter masterpieces for the opening night of the five-day festival. The sculptured work will remain on display at the Lak
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 # News Items: 18            Page: 1/4           

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