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Crampons - Parts and Features

Before buying a pair of Crampons, we must first familiarize ourselves with the Parts and Features. There are several parts of Crampons which we will discuss in detail in this section. Ready to learn something new today? Read on then.


First of all, you should remember that the geometry of the points is crucial and it determines how well the Crampons work. There are many variables that you can look into to know the performance of Crampons, including the length of the points and the relationship of the front points to the secondary points, among others.

Strapping Systems

Another Part of the Crampon is the Strapping Systems. Strapping Systems hold the Crampons and the Boots together. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the four kinds of Strapping Systems listed below in order for you to make a better choice when you eventually buy Crampons.
  1. Basic Strapping System: One- or Two-piece neoprene strapping with a buckle-fastening system.

  2. French-style O-ring System: This system has an O-ring that links the two straps from the toe-section of the boot to the straps at the heel-part.

  3. Buckle-type Step In system: This is the most secure among all the Strapping Systems because it avoids torsional twisting.

  4. Curved-wire Toe Bail System: This strapping system greatly reduces the cange of a crampon being twisted or knocked when off a route.
Crampons - Anti-Balling Plates Anti-Balling Plates

Also consider buying Anti-Balling Plates along with your Crampons. These plates should always go with your Crampons. Their function is to prevent the dangerous build-up of snow in the underside of your Crampons in wet snow conditions, which if allowed to happen prevents the Crampon points from working, leading to slips and stumbles.

Carrying Crampons

Though not exactly a part of the Crampon itself, a Crampon bag is an essential item when you own a pair. Of course, you wouldn't be wearing your Crampons all the time during climbing trips. Thus, when they are not in use, they are best carried inside your pack in a Crampon bag where there is no danger of losing them. It is also important to put your Crampons in a Crampon bag because they can be a hazard to other people or things when they are strapped to the outside of a pack. Aside from that, a Crampon bag is much easier to use and more convenient than traditional Crampon rubbers/spike protectors.

This ends our discussion on the parts of the Crampons. As a sort of a review, the Parts and Features of Crampons are composed of the Points, Strapping Systems, and the Anti-Balling Plates. Familiarize yourself with each of them for you to understand better how Crampons work. Aside from that, we also discussed the importance of having a Crampon bag, on how it protects the Crampon itself and everyone during a climb including you. With that, you are now ready to learn the Types of Crampons.

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